Having Fun in Waterford

having-fun-in-waterfordYou’ll find much to do in Waterford to make for a relaxing and leisurely vacation. While there are a few nightclubs, much of Waterford nightlife revolves around bars, which brings people together for conversation and music. Active people will find the parks and surrounding nature of the city a wonderful place to relax or run through.

Waterford City has a variety of dining establishments serving gourmet cuisine to pub food. The specialty of the area is seafood, which arrives daily, fresh from the nearby rivers and the Celtic Sea. The city center also has several restaurants specializing in French and Italian cuisine as well as other ethnic foods and vegetarian establishments. Inns are great places to take in a hearty, wholesome meal amid true 16th century decor.

For more character, you can also hit the pubs and grab some bar grub along with a beer. Try Jack Meades Pub, a landmark watering hole that dates back to 1705. The bar sits under an old stone bridge, and the grounds feature a museum, animal farm, playground and beer garden.

Many inns and bars put on shows of traditional Irish music. From spring to summer at City Hall, The Waterford Show pulls together story, song and dance for evening performances in a historical setting. You can also catch some traditional music at the city’s main entertainment complex, Merlin’s Night Club, which devotes Tuesday nights to Irish tunes as well as hosting ballads on Sundays.

Waterford City is a great place to find major treasures and little accents for your home. Go to the Waterford Crystal Visitors Centre, the premier attraction of town, not only for learning about the famed factory’s history, but to also to shop for something to take home. You will also find crystal from other artisans and manufacturers sold in a variety of stores in the city and especially in the main shopping area of the city center. Also, look for the fine woolens that are native to the country.