How to Get to Belfast

how-to-get-to-belfastThere are plenty of options for getting to Belfast in spite of the fact that there are no land crossings available in Northern Ireland from mainland Britain. Roads from the Republic of Ireland are easily negotiable and arriving by car from other Northern Irish cities is also an uncomplicated process. Ferries from Scotland, England and the Isle of Man provide efficient cross-Channel options, while the city’s two airports serve flights from a variety of destinations.

Access to Belfast from other parts of Northern Ireland is also available via a number of major roads; however, the main roads leading to the city are the A1, A20, A21 and the A22. Driving to Belfast is a fairly stress-free affair from any part of the country and there are signposts of the city on all major routes.

Located 30 kilometers from the city center, Belfast International Airport is a major air facility operating a single terminal, which serves flights from a large number of EU destinations and some transatlantic destinations too. Belfast International Airport has a good selection of facilities for passengers, with everything you would expect from a modern international airport. Bureau de change services and ATMs are readily available, while for dining and refreshments, the International Food Court offers a variety of choices. Shopping options are again plentiful and include duty-free goods, gift shops and bookstores.

A number of options exist for connecting with the center of Belfast from the airport, and how you choose to travel depends very much on your needs and your budget. Bus services provided by Airbus run to the city and a variety of other destinations in and around the Belfast area. For destinations farther afield, Transporter coaches offer services from the airport. There is no train station based at the airport; however, a station at nearby Antrim (six kilometers away) is connected with via a bus. Taxis are available from outside of the airport terminal building and while they are the most expensive option, they are probably the most convenient mode of transport if you have a lot of luggage to carry.